How brands aren’t keeping up with m-commerce

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

The most recent L2 Prestige Mobile IQ report has indicated that most of the top brands are falling behind on the latest opportunities being offered by mobile marketing and m-commerce.

The report also indicated that these leading brands were using effective mobile marketing techniques at a surprisingly low level. It examined the use of mobile sites, apps, and marketing (including SMS) as well as the brands’ overall integration and innovation.

L2, the creator of the study, stated that within the upcoming years, the companies that will be the most successful will be those that have adopted mobile marketing measures and that will use them to engage consumers. They claim that brands that want to thrive must build and optimize powerful websites for the mobile web that can be accessed from many different types of devices.

The 2011 Forrester report forecasted that by 2016, there will have been $31 billion in mobile sales, which is a figure five times greater than what it was last year.

That said, despite these predictions, a sizeable 16 percent of the brands that were considered in the latest L2 report failed to have any form of mobile web or app presence at all. The study also found that almost one in two of the brands had a “feeble” rank, which meant that any investment they had made into mobile was either tiny or nonexistent.

The brands leading the mobile commerce world are offering consumers fully optimized sites, engaging mobile applications, and other creative and innovative uses of the various other forms of available technology such as QR codes.

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