Smartphone trends show most shoppers don’t like device use in lines

statistics research smartphone trends

Recent research has revealed that the majority of people don’t like standing in checkout lines with others using devices. Among the largest smartphone trends outside of the various devices that have been released and the directions being taken in mobile commerce, marketing, and payments, is the etiquette surrounding the actual use of these gadgets. Nearly everyone now owns some form of cell phone, but this has been a development that has come on quite quickly. Due to the speed at which the smartphone trends have traveled, it hasn’t made it…

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Mobile technology is causing a “strange” experience for the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II mobile technology

Queen Elizabeth has said “I miss eye contact” when it comes to meeting people in the crowds. Mobile technology has now become a central part of the experience as the Queen or any other member of the house of Windsor makes their way through the throngs of people that are always waiting at every location to which they travel. Every moment she makes as she meets with the people is recorded over smartphones and tablets. This trend with mobile technology has been growing over the years, to the point that…

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Mobile devices should be hidden away for the best social interactions

teen texting mobile device users

According to a recent study, for a great conversation, smartphones should be undetectable. Researchers from the department of urban affairs at Virginia Tech have released the results of a study that they have conducted with regards to the impact of the presence of mobile devices on the quality of social interactions. Though these gadgets are seen as social tools and are meant to bring individuals information, they may not help in person. Despite the fact that mobile devices are technically supposed to make sure that we can always keep in…

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