Smartphone trends show most shoppers don’t like device use in lines

statistics research smartphone trends

Recent research has revealed that the majority of people don’t like standing in checkout lines with others using devices.

Among the largest smartphone trends outside of the various devices that have been released and the directions being taken in mobile commerce, marketing, and payments, is the etiquette surrounding the actual use of these gadgets.

Nearly everyone now owns some form of cell phone, but this has been a development that has come on quite quickly.

Due to the speed at which the smartphone trends have traveled, it hasn’t made it entirely possible for social rules to be effectively established with regards to what is and is not considered to be acceptable in using cell phones. Recent research is now starting to find that, without being aware of it, many people are frustrating the majority of others simply by using their devices in a way that they would find perfectly normal.

A smartphone trends study has shown that certain behaviors are quite off-putting to many people.

statistics research smartphone trendsA study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University found that there are different behaviors that are considered to be acceptable and unacceptable by the majority of people. It should be noted that respondents under the age of 35 were more accepting of all types of usage of mobile devices, including those that were considered to be extremely inappropriate by all other age groups that took part in this study.

Among all of the respondents of the study, 65 percent stated that talking, texting, and surfing the internet while walking was considered to be acceptable. This, despite the fact that in 2010, 1,500 people had been treated in emergency rooms when they suffered injuries related to using their smartphones while they were walking. Considering that this was four years ago and mobile technology has spread like wildfire since then, it can only be assumed that the figure has skyrocketed in the meanwhile.

That said, among all respondents, 66 percent – that is, 2 out of every 3 people – felt that it was not appropriate to use a mobile device while checking out at a supermarket or retail store. This includes texting, talking, and surfing the internet.

These type of smartphone trends continued into the workplace, where 81 percent felt that it was not acceptable to check for messages while at a business meeting (though those under the age of 35 felt that it was more acceptable than those over that age). When eating out at restaurants 72 percent found it to be inappropriate to check messages at the table, though that number drops to 52 percent if the information discovered is shared with the others at the table.

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