Samsung rolls out new mobile wallet app to store cards, keys and boarding passes

Mobile wallet app - Samsung phone

This mobile payments option will place the company in direct competition with Google and Apple. Samsung has recently announced the launch of its own mobile wallet app, which makes it possible to store credit cards, digital IDs, car keys and other essential digital documents. This has arrived at a time when Google and Apple have both announced changes to their own. Google recently announced that it would be overhauling its own mobile Wallet app. Apple has announced that its Apple Pay would be receiving a range of new features. Now,…

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Samsung Galaxy devices will be made using recycled fishing nets

Galaxy Devices - Image of Samsung Galaxy A721

The electronics giant intends to incorporate the material into its entire product lineup. Samsung has announced that it intends to start making all its future Galaxy devices in part with recycled fishing nets. The company made its plans for using more sustainable more official today with its lineup unveiling. Today, Samsung will be announcing its Galaxy devices. When the 2022 Galaxy S lineup is unveiled, the electronics company will also be revealing that it will be making the gadgets using a new and more sustainable material. The company initially mentioned…

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Google finally gives Wear OS left-handed support

Wear OS - Person looking at smartwatch on wrist

After dragging its heels for three and a half years, the wearable operating system will work on both wrists. Google had been losing its drive to move forward with its Wear OS wearable technology platform until Samsung came along to help. This assistance recharged the tech giant and encouraged it to take on a substantial user problem too. When Samsung came along, it helped Google to build the Wear OS 3. With that build, Google has finally opened itself to overcoming one of the major challenges its smartwatch wearers have…

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Smartphone privacy called into question as Android phones track owners that opted-out

Smartphone privacy - Mobile data privacy

According to a new paper from Trinity College in Dublin, data sharing habits aren’t what they claim to be. A new report is calling smartphone privacy into question as researchers from Trinity College in Dublin showed that even when users opt out of tracking, devices are still riddled with unwanted trackers. Even savvy users who have avoided sketchy apps and have followed privacy guides aren’t immune. The smartphone privacy paper examined the data sharing habits of some of the popular app versions on Android, including those developed by Samsung, Huawei…

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Best Refurbished Phones on the Market

If you have been looking forward to upgrading to one of the popular brands but with limited cash, a refurbished phone may be the best option. These phones offer the same quality performance with sleek designs at an affordable price. Before buying a refurbished phone, you need to understand what they are. What is a refurbished phone? Refurbished phones are pre-owned mobile phones. The difference between refurbished phones and other second-hand phones is the fact that they have been returned to the manufacturer because of a fault or trade-in for…

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