QR codes for safe rescues officially rolled out by Mercedes Benz

QR Code scanning mercedes benz cars

The long awaited Rescue Assist program, is finally being launched by the German auto manufacturer. Mercedes Benz has now officially launched its simple and yet potentially highly useful system based on QR codes that will help first responders to emergency situations to be able to obtain vital information about a vehicle when they have arrived at the scene of a crash. These quick response codes can be scanned in an instant to inform fire, police, and ambulance crews. The QR codes are at the center of an exceptionally simple concept…

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QR codes from Mercedes assist emergency responders

Mercedes QR Codes Campaign

The first professionals to arrive on an accident scene can use these quick response codes for information. For the majority of people who recognize QR codes, they would say that they see them most frequently in product packaging and advertising, but Mercedes-Benz is working to change the image that comes to mind when they see these barcodes, as it is using them to provide emergency first responders with critical information that they can use when responding to the scene of an accident. This use of the quick response codes could…

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QR codes on identity bracelets step beyond medical

qr codes id bracelet example image emergency

Although quick response codes have been placed on jewelry before, it has primarily been for medical histories. There is great potential to be found in the use of QR codes, which are barcodes that can be scanned through the use of smartphones and any of dozens of free apps, but there is one that is becoming rather interesting to the parents of children with autism. While there have been medical ID jewelry pieces produced with these barcodes, the latest development is different. Now, QR codes are appearing on actual ID…

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QR codes play central role in Toyota road safety campaign

Toyota Augmented Reality QR codes

  The auto manufacturer is running a massive print campaign in Peru to help to inform drivers. Toyota has launched a massive campaign in Peru that has been carefully crafted to appeal to the many smartphone using drivers in that country, through the use of QR codes that they can scan using any free reader app. The campaign is meant to help to encourage safer driving through the sharing of important information. With the QR codes in the Toyota road safety campaign, drivers can become more aware of the specific…

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QR codes chosen to enhance public safety

QR codes public safety security

The city of Spartanburg, South Carolina, is using the smartphone compatible barcodes to educate. The Public Safety Department in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is now using QR codes by applying them to all of the city’s vehicles, in order to provide residents with more information. According to officials, the codes should all be in place within the next two weeks. The QR codes are going to be added to animal services vehicles, marked patrol cars, fire vehicles, and all other city vehicles. These are meant to help people who carry smartphones…

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