QR codes chosen to enhance public safety

QR codes public safety security

QR codes public safety securityThe city of Spartanburg, South Carolina, is using the smartphone compatible barcodes to educate.

The Public Safety Department in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is now using QR codes by applying them to all of the city’s vehicles, in order to provide residents with more information.

According to officials, the codes should all be in place within the next two weeks.

The QR codes are going to be added to animal services vehicles, marked patrol cars, fire vehicles, and all other city vehicles. These are meant to help people who carry smartphones to be able to gain a larger amount of information about the various services that the city provides to its residents.

The QR codes on the vehicles are only the first step to a larger project that uses the barcodes.

These barcodes are also being phased in to other areas, including on the business cards of Public Safety workers, in addition to other informational items that are shared with the Spartanburg community. According to Maj. Steve Lamb, “People can rapidly retrieve information from our resource pages,” adding that “It’s a valuable tool.”

The city’s QR codes can be scanned by any of a range of different free apps in order to be able to read what they contain. The barcodes have already been included in some of the city’s communications, such as the information that was distributed at the annual report breakfast by the Department of Public Safety. Scans could bring residents to the city’s website, as well as the Twitter and Facebook links to the fire, police, and animal services of Spartanburg.

Lamb’s own business card already features two QR codes on its reverse. One of them leads directly to the city website. The other connects the smartphone user to Lamb’s personal contact information so that he can be more quickly and conveniently reached. He believes that this is a great new way to provide another way to connect the community with the various departments of the city. He said that “the possibilities are endless” and that “we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg.” Soon, that feature will be on the cards of all of the city’s Public Safety employees.

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