Codee Software announces the release of its QR code product business edition

Small Business Mobile ad success marketing

Codee Software Inc. has announced that it has launched its first business product, which is called the Codee Business Edition and will help small and medium size companies to manage their QR code campaigns. The complete package includes the generation of QR codes, as well as analytics for their scans, and the management of mobile content of 10 unique barcodes. Moreover, it includes an unlimited number of monthly QR code scans. The product is aimed at companies that are hoping to take part in the m-commerce marketplace, which is currently…

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New QR Call Tracking solution released for code integration into tracking campaigns

Mobile Marketing Analytics

Phone conversion optimization company from the enterprise level, Mongoose Metrics, has become a top provider in call tracking solutions, and has now announced its latest QR Call Tracking solution. It made the announcement at the New York City eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit. This new technology from Mongoose allows marketers to include QR code integration into their call tracking campaigns so that they can get the most out of the potential of their web and mobile device conversions. This new QR Call Tracking solution allows smartphone users to be connected to…

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New analytic platform for QR codes and other mobile barcodes could become a useful tool for small businesses

QR Code Statistics

Codeascope, a new mobile barcode startup, has announced the launch of its first analytics and management platform. The platform allows users to create a variety of barcode and other datamatrix tags. The creators of the platform have put emphasis on QR codes, as they are becoming quite popular in the marketing world. The thing that sets Codeascope apart from other analytic and management tools is that it is completely free, allowing users from all walks of life and industry to make use of QR codes and track their performance. Since…

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Find out where, what and when with scan tracking


Social media has become an inseparable part of society. Massive networking services like Facebook and Twitter have become popular by connected friends and family. The benefits of social networking have not gone unnoticed in the business world. More companies are opting to boost their online presence through social networking sites in the hopes of capturing the attention of web-going consumers. Marketers have long used these websites as a way to gain insight on the trends and interests of the Internet crowd. As mobile devices became popular, social networking sites became…

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Opportunity in the Middle East for QR Code Growth

QR Code Appearing in Middle East

Scanbuy, a leading provider in barcode solutions for businesses all over the world, has announced that they will be launching a new QR code system that will cater to the Middle East. Working under the company’s subsidiary, SCANMARK, the system will bring mobile marketing to a region that is ripe for the opportunity. This will not be the first time QR codes have appeared in the Middle East, but the effort to establish a dedicated marketing platform is certainly the most innovative effort yet regarding mobile marketing. A large number…

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