New analytic platform for QR codes and other mobile barcodes could become a useful tool for small businesses

QR Code Statistics

QR Code Analytics
Codeascope, a new mobile barcode startup, has announced the launch of its first analytics and management platform. The platform allows users to create a variety of barcode and other datamatrix tags. The creators of the platform have put emphasis on QR codes, as they are becoming quite popular in the marketing world. The thing that sets Codeascope apart from other analytic and management tools is that it is completely free, allowing users from all walks of life and industry to make use of QR codes and track their performance.

Since the advent of QR codes, similar services have cropped up via the Internet. The majority of these services can be expensive despite the fact that QR codes can be generated online for free. Analytic data is a valuable part of marketing campaigns, allowing advertisers to keep track of how well the codes are performing and enabling them to formulate more effective marketing strategies. The cost associated with most analytic platforms makes them undesirable for smaller businesses and individuals.

Codeascope is a lightweight, browser-based application that is a useful alternative to its expensive counterparts. The platform can accurately track the performance of QR codes and present its users with information such as when and where the codes were scanned, what device was used to scan the codes, and whether the code was shared via social networking sites.

With QR codes becoming more popular, the demand for analytic tools such as Codeascope grows. This particular tool may help add some momentum to the codes and give smaller companies more inventive to incorporate them into their marketing campaigns.

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