TVS Motors uses QR code stamps to combat counterfeit parts

qr code stamp card

The company is making an effort to try to make it easy to spot fake spare parts that look like its own. As a part of a broad strategy to combat fake spare parts, TVS Motors is using QR code stamps on its own products. Fakes have become increasingly commonplace within its market, to the point that is beginning to cut into their sales. The quick response codes are meant to help to identify legitimate parts and authenticate them easily. Some of the TVS Motors products such as the Cam…

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QR code advantages abound in tech friendly packaging solutions

QR Code advantages Cow

A dairy co-op called Languiru has found a way to benefit from quick response codes on product labels. The second largest dairy production co-op in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, Languiru, has discovered considerable QR code advantages when used on their product packaging. The idea was to launch a digital product label solution that ensures full food quality and safety transparency. This makes it possible for the entire production process to be understood and controlled. Moreover, the quick response codes also make it possible to enhance personalized mobile marketing features.…

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Are retail QR codes reducing transparency?

retail 3d QR codes

A new Senate bill has brought a number of unnerving questions to light regarding quick response codes. A new Senate bill has been looking into manufacturer and retail QR codes and the way they’re used. The bill will help to determine how specific or vague information can be when a barcode is present. Many have expressed concerns that quick response codes could be used to shrink transparency, not boost it. The Senate bill has raised a number of questions that opponents have found to be rather frightening. It will help…

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QR codes at Kennards help with plant safety checks

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These quick response codes will also allow customers to scan and view a piece of equipment’s full service history. Kennards Hire, a specialist in equipment rentals, has now added a new mobile device friendly feature in order to enhance its service quality, as it has added QR codes to help to improve plant safety checks and provide customers with a way to inform themselves with regards to a specific piece of equipment. The new online portal that is used by the plant gives customers to complete service records for equipment.…

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German food labeling company sees great potential with QR Codes

Dusseldorf, Germany, will be home to this year’s Interpack International Packaging Trade Fair. Bizerba, a leading provider of labeling solutions for the food industry, will be showcasing their new labeling systems at the event, which will feature QR code compatibility. As environmental and health issues begin to occupy the thoughts of consumers, more companies are looking to provide in depth information on their products to consumers. Many have found using QR codes an effective solution. “The experience of the past shows that more people ask about the exact origin of…

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