German food labeling company sees great potential with QR Codes

QR Code Labeling

Dusseldorf, Germany, will be home to this year’s Interpack International Packaging Trade Fair. Bizerba, a leading provider of labeling solutions for the food industry, will be showcasing their new labeling systems at the event, which will feature QR code compatibility. As environmental and health issues begin to occupy the thoughts of consumers, more companies are looking to provide in depth information on their products to consumers. Many have found using QR codes an effective solution.

“The experience of the past shows that more people ask about the exact origin of a product,” notes Dieter Conzelmann, Director of Industry Solutions with Bizerba. Earlier this year, there was a case of severe food contamination coming from Germany. Some 14 tons of eggs were contaminated with dioxin, a grouping of chemicals which have an array of detrimental effects in humans. The contamination was found to be the result of negligence, prompting severe rebuke from citizens of the U.K, whom received the vast majority of the tainted product.

By including QR codes on labels, companies will be able to keep customers in the loop regarding how their food is produced. This introduces a level of transparency that has been absent from the industry for some time. While many companies offer such information on the Internet, only a few consumers are inclined to track it down. With the codes, consumers simply need to scan the image to get everything they need.

Bizerba believes that the codes usher in a new era for the industry, and open up new opportunities for their business overall.

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