Better Business Bureau issues warning about fraudulent QR codes

Fraudulent QR codes

The BBB cautioned that some scammers are using quick response codes with malicious links. Despite how useful quick response codes became throughout the pandemic, fraudulent QR codes have arisen, and the Better Business Bureau is cautioning consumers to be careful what they scan. The BBB Scam Tracker has recorded a rise in the number of people being mislead via barcode. According to the Better Business Bureau’s data, its BBB Scam Tracker is seeing a rise in the number of scammers using fraudulent QR codes to mislead people. These barcodes are…

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QR code fraud warning issued by Belgian federal police

QR Code Fraud Warning - Cyber security

Consumers across the country are being warned about online scams using quick response codes. Federal police in Belgium have issued a new QR code fraud warning. It cautions smartphone and mobile device users about scams using quick response codes. Quick response codes have become central to certain types of scams allowing scammers to steal money. The QR code fraud warning was issued to everyone. That said, it was primarily meant to target anyone buying products or services online. For instance, those shopping in second-hand markets online were considered to be…

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