German company uses QR code authenticity check to fight against counterfeiters

qr code authenticity checks - qr code under magnifying glass

Bitzer adds quick response codes to packaging to prevent the pirating of spare parts. Bitzer, a German manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, has added QR code authenticity checks to the packaging of its original spare parts. The unique digital codes are meant to help prevent product pirates from selling counterfeit parts. The German company has previously taken action against product pirates. This isn’t the first time Bitzer has used QR code authenticity checks to protect its products from being pirated. Since 2015, the company equipped its compressors with…

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New tech based on QR codes motivates investors

Beijing qr codes on everything

A tweaking of quick response codes let consumers authenticate products with a smartphone scan. A company called Expander has just managed to develop a technology based on QR codes in order to mark various products with unique fingerprint-like barcodes that will give consumers the ability to verify their authenticity in a way that would be nearly impossible for scammers to be able to replicate. This led to a pitch by Ollie Langridge that was exceptionally impressive to investors who were keen to take part. The idea is to provide barcodes…

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QR code used by QAI to certify organic certificate authenticity

qr codes certified organic

This is a major security effort to limit fraudulent certification claims. Leading organic and gluten free product certification organization, Quality Assurance International (QAI) has announced that a QR code will become a central element to its security features and fraud prevent efforts. The barcodes will be created for its certified product certificates. By using a QR code on the product certification documents, QAI hopes to reduce the amount of fraud that is currently occurring within this marketplace. At the moment, there are a rapidly growing number of fake certificates in…

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