Wearable technology may soon be powered by tiny Panasonic battery

thread like battery for wearable technology mobile devices

The electronics and tech company has now come up with an even smaller rechargeable battery. Panasonic has now unveiled a new rechargeable battery that is the shape of a pin and that could be an important way to provide power to a range of tiny sized wearable technology devices. The rechargeable lithium ion battery is 3.5mm in diameter, and is 20 mm long, making it very tiny. When compared to a standard AAA battery, this pin shaped battery from Panasonic is one twentieth of the size. In an industry where…

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Augmented reality makes its way into the “home of the future”

augmented reality mirror makeup cosmetics lipstick mobile payments

The concept may seem dated but the experience of the latest technology is as fun as it ever was. Panasonic took an old school idea right to the cutting edge at this year’s IFA tech show in Berlin, stepping away from the modern display to which we have become accustomed at these types of events, in favor of an augmented reality based view of how the not too distant future may appear as technology steps into more areas of the home. The brand brought a vision of how futuristic homes…

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Interactive marketing becoming more popular in South Korea

South Korea NFC Shopping

Marketing industry continues to adjust to the trends influencing consumer interest As mobile technology becomes more common amongst consumers, the marketing industry has to adapt to the changes in consumer interest. South Korea’s marketing industry is the latest sector to experience a technological transformation, with many advertisers beginning to focus on interactive marketing. As such, NFC technology is beginning to gain traction in the industry because of its ability to dynamically connect consumers with businesses. The use of the technology is expected to continue growing as more marketers see success…

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Panasonic to showcase new line of NFC-enabled appliances

appliance technology

Panasonic introduces plans to develop interactive appliances Panasonic has released a new series of appliances that can be controlled using an Android mobile device. These appliances are equipped with NFC technology, which allows for wireless, short range data transmission. The Japanese technology company has taken a keen interest in NFC technology and has been experimenting with it extensively in recent years. Panasonic believes that NFC technology could bring a sleuth of enticing features to the world of electronics, many of which may be augmented through the use of cloud computing.…

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Panasonic taps Aurasma to bring marketing campaign to life with augmented reality

Panasonic Aurasma Augmented Reality Campaign

Panasonic has announced that it will be using Aurasma, a prestigious augmented reality platform, in a new marketing campaign for the new Lumix G3 camera. The campaign, titled “Small Camera, Epic Shots,” will be completely based upon augmented reality, a technology that has been growing in popularity in recent years. Aurasma will blur the lines between the physical and virtual worlds as Panasonic launched their campaign worldwide later in the week. The campaign will be centered on two British photographers who trekked across the U.S. with their Lumix G3 camera.…

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