Panasonic taps Aurasma to bring marketing campaign to life with augmented reality

Panasonic Aurasma Augmented Reality Campaign

Panasonic Aurasma Augmented Reality Campaign
Panasonic has announced that it will be using Aurasma, a prestigious augmented reality platform, in a new marketing campaign for the new Lumix G3 camera. The campaign, titled “Small Camera, Epic Shots,” will be completely based upon augmented reality, a technology that has been growing in popularity in recent years. Aurasma will blur the lines between the physical and virtual worlds as Panasonic launched their campaign worldwide later in the week.

The campaign will be centered on two British photographers who trekked across the U.S. with their Lumix G3 camera. At first glance, the photographers are nothing more than static images. Using a smart phone, however, consumers can follow their journey via video and several other animations. Ads have already appeared in a number of British publications as part of Panasonic’s preliminary launch of the campaign. Thus far, the campaign has been met with resounding success.

David Bonney, advertising and sponsorship manager at Panasonic, stated in a press release that Aurasma is “one of the most exciting technologies I have seen in years.” Indeed, more companies are taking notice of augmented reality and how it can be used to offer a new level of dynamic content. Given the widespread use of smart phones and the growing focus on technology, companies overlooking AR may need to reconsider as the demand for new technologies grows.

Pending the success of their worldwide campaign, Panasonic may incorporate augmented reality into future marketing efforts.

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