Google sends the mobile ad marketplace beyond the forecasts of the industry

Mobile Advertising trends

The mobile advertising marketplace in the United States is currently in a state of explosion, and is growing much more rapidly than even the highest projections that had been made by the industry’s analysts. Google mobile search is currently receiving a great deal of the credit for the advertising business that reached all new heights last year and this year is already lining up to leave 2011’s figures in the dust. The recent surge in the ownership of smartphones and the omnipresence of the mobile ad networks – such as…

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Global industry to receive new ethics and standards set by Mobile Marketing Research Association

Social media marketing ad exchange

The rapid growth of the mobile web and the use and sharing of its content is raising significant privacy issues among many countries worldwide, including that of consumer privacy. Recent studies have shown that many consumers are willing to give up some of their privacy in order to obtain services that they believe are of value to them and that are geared toward their own interests and likes, such as through location-based promotions and offers. Millions of mobile device users around the world are already downloading apps that use the…

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InMobi data shows 771 percent growth of mobile and tablet impressions in 2011

Mobile Commerce

InMobi, the largest independent mobile network worldwide, has released the results of the Mobile Market 2011 Review – a study it performs every year – which was conducted to analyze and identify trends over the last year, and provide insight into what 2012 will hold for the mobile marketplace. The annual review revealed a growth of 251 percent growth in worldwide impressions over mobile channels within the InMobi network. Furthermore, there was a rise of 488 percent in impressions worldwide originating from smartphones. That said, in the fastest growing InMobi…

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Research from Scanbuy shows awareness and adoption of QR codes solid among American marketers

Mobile Marketing

A recent study performed by Scanbuy, Inc. – the creator of the mobile barcode platform, Scanlife – has shown that marketers in the United States are very aware of two dimensional barcodes and they are adopting this technology quite solidly among many industries. The study included the participation of over 100 marketers from businesses ranging from small to quite large, and within industries such as retail, healthcare, and entertainment. Its results showed that half of the key decision makers are already using the technology as an element of their overall…

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Zmags accelerates mobile growth with $7 million in financing


Top rich media mobile and social merchandising provider, Zmags, has announced that it has achieved financing worth $7 million from Square 1Bank as well as its current investors, Northcap Partners and OpenView Venture Partners. This additional funding has come at a time when Zmags has every intention to build on its customer portfolio by adding world-class, innovative consumer brands and retailers such as Express, Kenneth Cole, and Tesco. Those organizations are already using CommercePro, from Zmags, to form consistent and intelligent marketing and merchandising campaigns using the power of platforms…

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