Research from Scanbuy shows awareness and adoption of QR codes solid among American marketers

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing
A recent study performed by Scanbuy, Inc. – the creator of the mobile barcode platform, Scanlife – has shown that marketers in the United States are very aware of two dimensional barcodes and they are adopting this technology quite solidly among many industries.

The study included the participation of over 100 marketers from businesses ranging from small to quite large, and within industries such as retail, healthcare, and entertainment. Its results showed that half of the key decision makers are already using the technology as an element of their overall marketing strategy, and a massive 86 percent said that they have intentions to use two dimensional barcodes in the future.

The research was performed through the SurveyBuilder platform from uSamp, which boasts more than five million panelists worldwide. The results indicated new data from the perspective of the marketer, which will be helpful in building a better understanding of the rates of adoption of the technology in that profession, and how the campaigns are being created and evaluated.

Further findings from the research included the following:

• There is very little difference in awareness of QR codes between small and large businesses, where there was 89 percent and 95 percent, respectively.

• 61 percent of the participants in the study said that they had used open source code formats. Among them, 45 percent used QR codes, 16 percent used Datamatrix, 14 percent used Microsoft Tag, 12 percent used EZcode, and 11 percent used Snap Tag.

• The leading content options for redirection when the code has been scanned were: coupon offers, promotions, and information about a product.

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