Mhealth market in the Asia Pacific region receives important boost

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Investments from governments across the APAC countries are helping these programs to grow. According to the results of a recent analysis of the Asia Pacific (APAC) region’s mhealth marketplace, the market’s value grew to $7.9 billion, last year, due to investments from governments in that area. The report on the analysis showed that the largest telemedicine revenue contributor was from mobile health. The analysis was conducted by Frost & Sullivan. It showed that mhealth contributed the most of all the telemedicine forms, in 2012, to the $44.6 million in revenues…

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Mhealth report predicts 70 percent annual growth of sensor market

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That said, while there is massive potential there, adoption is currently at a slow rate. A recent report has revealed that the sensor market for mhealth will experience an annual increase of 70 percent, but at the same time, the results of a physician survey are revealing that there aren’t many people who are actually using these apps. Though there is a tremendous amount of potential for growth in mobile health, consumers aren’t biting yet. Though some in the industry believe that the Pew physician survey may underestimate the amount…

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Mhealth industry predicted to reach $23 billion in 5 years


The worldwide mobile health sphere is expected to explode by the year 2017. Mhealth has become a rapidly growing part of the mobile technology world, and its adoption has been continuing to rise as smartphones and tablets become an increasingly common part of our everyday lives. Now, a new industry study has predicted the worldwide value of the industry by 2017 to have skyrocketed. Mhealth is catching in particularly because of the convenience and accessibility it offers within the health and medical sphere. These are two factors that are notably…

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