Mhealth apps recommended by 1 in 3 doctors

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A survey has shown that more than a third of physicians like mobile health applications for their patients. Manhattan Research has recently released the outcome of a survey that it conducted with the participation of 3000 doctors, and which showed that over one third of them have recommended the use of mhealth apps to their patients within the previous year. That said, many of those doctors made recommendations of specific applications that they preferred. The Manhattan Research vice president of research, Monique Levy, explained that about the same number of…

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Mhealth tools employed regularly by 51 percent of doctors

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Research is showing that more than half of all physicians are using tablets for mobile health. According to a survey that has been conducted by Kantar Media, tablets are becoming the tablet of choice for doctors as more than half of them are reporting that they use mhealth tools on a regular basis. These hand held and convenient computers are being used for a number of different mobile health purposes. Doctors that participated in the survey reported that they were using mhealth over tablets for reasons such as reading the…

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Mhealth is being held back in countries with outdated privacy laws

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This struggle with national regulations regarding the security of private data – or lack thereof – is becoming a barrier. Although mhealth apps and devices are proving to have a great deal of potential, particularly in countries around the world with a significant rural population and without a large medical services and care system, as is the case in many African nations. The lack of regulations for the governance of patient data privacy, however, is proving troublesome. According to a recent report created by TrustLaw Connect, some patients may begin…

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Mhealth has the potential for massive impact in Mexico and Brazil

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A report has just been released which suggests that those countries could see tremendous benefits from the tech. According to the latest report from the GSMA (GSM Association), over 40 million more patients in Mexico and Brazil will be able to receive treatment between now and 2017, as a result of mhealth services. The report was created in conjunction with PcW in order to look into mobile technology and healthcare. The GSMA report stated that mhealth services could help15.5 million people in Mexico and 28.4 million people in Brazil to…

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Mhealth strategy details for Walgreens announced

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The announcement was made at a mobile commerce summit in front of a number of major retailers. As the use of smartphones and tablets continues to evolve, so do mhealth services and programs, and in that light, Walgreens has now announced the details of its upcoming mobile strategy. The annual summit was the venue for several announcements, but it was a considerable one for the health industry. This was the third year for the event and Walgreens took the opportunity to let the world know that it is moving at…

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