QR codes on prescription drug labels now have EU guidelines

prescription qr codes medical

The European Medicines Agency now requires pharmaceutical companies to let them know if they will use barcodes. Pharmaceutical companies are now required to communicate to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) if they have intentions to add QR codes to their various types of drugs and medications, according to new guidelines that have been issued. Quick response codes are making their way onto a growing number of types of packages. The reason that many marketers and packagers are using QR codes as often as they are, is that they are extremely…

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QR codes used to help smartphone users learn about Nobel Prize winners

qr codes chemistry periodic table

A newly designed smartphone friendly barcode project allows people to learn about the prizes in Chemistry. Thanks to a brand new project that is receiving considerable online attention, QR codes are being used to give consumers the ability to use their smartphones or tablets to gain instant information about people who have received the Nobel Prize. The project uses the barcodes to share 110 years of information regarding this top science award. The QR codes are printed on a new poster that, when scanned, provide device users with information about…

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QR codes added to electromagnetic flow meters

qr code authenticity checks - qr code under magnifying glass

The IZMAG from GEA Diessel now features smartphone friendly barcodes to be scanned. GEA Diessel has just announced that it has launched new QR codes that will be affixed to its electromagnetic flow meters in order to be able to ensure a faster and easier access to useful information for anyone carrying a smartphone or tablet device. The IZMAG electromagnetic flow meters from the companies now have quick response codes. By adding the QR codes to the electromagnetic flow meters, it means that customers of GEA Diessel will be able…

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QR codes play central role in Toyota road safety campaign

Toyota Augmented Reality QR codes

  The auto manufacturer is running a massive print campaign in Peru to help to inform drivers. Toyota has launched a massive campaign in Peru that has been carefully crafted to appeal to the many smartphone using drivers in that country, through the use of QR codes that they can scan using any free reader app. The campaign is meant to help to encourage safer driving through the sharing of important information. With the QR codes in the Toyota road safety campaign, drivers can become more aware of the specific…

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QR codes added to the Fox UltraViolet experience

QR Codes Television smart TV mobile payments

These barcodes have started to be used on enabled disks, beginning on April 30. The latest announcement from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is that it has started to include QR codes on all of their UltraViolet enabled disc titles, as of this last week on April 30. The hope is to be able to offer consumers an improved UltraViolet experience with their purchase. The first of the Fox UltraViolet titles to be released with QR codes to help viewers to add to their experience was Broken City. However, after…

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