QR codes added to electromagnetic flow meters

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The IZMAG from GEA Diessel now features smartphone friendly barcodes to be scanned.

GEA Diessel has just announced that it has launched new QR codes that will be affixed to its electromagnetic flow meters in order to be able to ensure a faster and easier access to useful information for anyone carrying a smartphone or tablet device.

The IZMAG electromagnetic flow meters from the companies now have quick response codes.

By adding the QR codes to the electromagnetic flow meters, it means that customers of GEA Diessel will be able to quickly and easily obtain more information, as well as the company’s contact information, directly from the location where the instrument, itself, has already been installed.

qr codes on productsThe idea for the QR codes were a response by the company to its customers’ need for information.

Customers of the company had been requesting an easier way to rapidly obtain the information that they required regarding the instrument. The QR codes were the method that was chosen by the company in order to effectively address that issue in a very practical and affordable way.

According to GEA Diessel sales coordinator, Lars Knigge, “In the future, our customers can forward necessary information to our sales or service teams directly from the place where the IZMAG is installed.” He went on to explain that “That makes the collection of information and its transmission much easier and more flexible.”

Knigge also stated that providing customers with information in such a fast and easy way helps to make sure that the risk of delays is minimized, while it helps to make certain that the GEA Diessel sales team is always provided with the correct information for processing inquiries that have been made by current and prospective customers.

The QR codes are prominently displayed in the IZMAG electromagnetic flow meters and can be read using any smart device that has a free barcode reader app installed. As soon as the barcode has been scanned, it automatically redirects the device user to the information that is needed, and to the contact data they require if they would like to contact the company directly.

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