Glamour magazine uses QR codes in print ads to successfully achieve 512,339 scans

Glamour Magazine QR Code

Glamour magazine, from Condé Nast, has achieved a striking success through the use of QR codes printed on several of its pages, which produced 512,339 scans. This pilot program, which occurred within its September “social edition” achieved these scans among an estimated two million readers, meaning that it managed to obtain a scan from approximately 1 in every 4 readers. The editorial and marketing departments at Glamour worked together to form content that pushed the download of a mobile app called “Friends & Fans”. The editorial piece told the magazine’s…

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New report states QR codes not faring well with college students

QR Code Scanning

Archival Youth Marketing, a market research firm focused on the younger generation, has released the results of a new survey detailing how students view QR codes. QR codes have been growing in popularity amongst educators looking to engage tech-savvy students. These students, however, have yet to be won over by the blocky barcodes. Archival surveyed 534 students across 24 campuses throughout the U.S. and found that QR codes still have a long way to go before they find a place amongst students. Of the students surveyed, 81% were owners of…

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Number of adult American QR code users increases by 1 percent since 2010

QR code

A new Forrester Research study’s findings have been released, and they show that among American adults, 5 percent are using QR codes with their smartphone devices. This is an increase of 1 percent over last year’s figures. When compared to the adoption by consumers, QR code reading software has grown significantly more quickly, while at the same time the adoption of the codes by companies using the 2 dimensional barcodes as a part of their marketing strategy has grown at a notably slower rate. According to Julie Ask, the author…

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Scanbuy report shows the growth of QR codes throughout 2011

QR Code Statistics

Scanbuy, a leading 2D mobile marketing company, has released the latest results on the performance of several QR code campaigns that have formed over the past year. The report, called ScanLife Q3 2011 Trend Report, details how well QR code campaigns have fared and in what fields they have seen the most success. According to the report, the popularity of the codes amongst consumers and businesses has skyrocketed this year due to growing awareness of the codes and more effective marketing strategies. The report shows that in the third quarter…

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