Home Depot has broken records as an interconnected multi-channel retailer

Interconnected multi-channel retailer - Home Depot Store

The American building materials and garden supply chain has used online tools to great advantage. The Home Depot’s strategy to become an interconnected multi-channel retailer allowed it to break records at a time of very limited growth in its category. The building materials and garden supply retail sector in the US grew by 0.6 percent from 2018 to 2019. During that same span of time, Home Depot managed to grow its revenues by 1.8 percent overall. In 2018, its revenues were $108.2 billion whereas that figure rose to $110.2 billion…

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Mobile commerce tactics allows consumers more opportunity to buy

mobile shopping

Home Depot’s own effort includes a brand new mobile checkout procedure. Mobile marketing is not only an effort to help to spread awareness about a brand or a product, but it often also has to do with taking part in the shopping experience itself. Many smartphone owners use their devices at many different points throughout the shopping process. By catering to that behavior, businesses and brands can take much more effective steps toward incorporating purchases into the natural daily habits of the smartphone consumer. One of the more common examples…

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Pilot program from PayPal allows Home Depot customers to pay with a mobile wallet

Home Depot Mobile Wallet

PayPal, an eBay company, is preparing to make its first announcements about a new partnership that it has started with Home Depot Inc., which will allow the home improvement chain’s customers to use its new mobile wallet system to pay for purchases, in direct competition with credit cards from Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. According to a PayPal spokesperson, Anuj Nayar, this new deal between the two giants represents the first time that PayPal has achieved a retail partnership that will allow consumers to make payments using e-commerce tools at…

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Lowe’s employees to receive 42,000 iPhones to assist shoppers

Lowe's Mobile Marketing

Lowe’s has announced a new effort to make it simpler for its employees to help customers by arming its store associates with 42,000 iPhones that can complete transactions and will replace the traditional scanners. The iPhones have already started to be implemented by the home improvement retailer in its American and Canadian stores, and the company anticipates the completion of the rollout by the fiscal year’s close. Using the iPhones to replace the scanner guns lets employees answer customer queries more easily and assist them in completing their purchases. According…

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