The Mobile World Congress was cancelled due to Coronavirus COVID-19 concerns

Mobile World Congress Cancelled - MWC Event Building - Bloomberg YouTube

One of the largest trade shows on the planet won’t take place this year because of outbreak worries. The annual Mobile World Congress trade show is cancelled. The event typically takes place in Barcelona, Spain and provides much anticipated insight into upcoming smartphone and mobile technology. The reason for the cancellation has to do with growing concerns over the spread of COVID-19. Organizers announced that the Mobile World Congress is cancelled as a result of rising worries in the business world regarding the coronavirus outbreak. They explained that several of…

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Ooredoo joins ambitious mobile commerce initiative

mobile commerce middle east

Ooredoo is now part of the Mobile Money Interoperability program Ooredoo, a mobile operator in Qatar, has announced that it is committing itself to the GSMA Mobile Money Interoperability program. This program brings together mobile operators from around the world to focus on making mobile commerce more universal. The demand for mobile money services has begun to rise rapidly as more consumers base their lives on mobile technology. In the Middle East, mobile commerce is on its way to become a major force in the local economy, calling attention to…

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Mobile commerce whitepaper released by the GSMA

mobile commerce trends

Operators have placed their backing behind the report that has revealed an optimistic vision. The Groupe Speciale Mobile Association – more frequently known as the GSMA – has just released a highly optimistic whitepaper which has detailed the ways in which mobile commerce and the technology as a whole could provide a meaningful revolution for retailers. It also used the publication to unveil some of its more ambitious plans for shoppers in urban areas. Part of this vision is the intention to bring mobile commerce and brick and mortar retail…

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2012 Mobile World Congress to focus on mobile marketing

2012 Mobile World Congress

The GSMA mobile operators association has just announced that the Mobile World Congress of 2012 will be focusing on mobile marketing for the first time ever in this annual technology event. The Mobile World Congress is held in February in Barcelona, drawing technology industry leaders and enthusiasts by the tens of thousands to gain insight on the latest in gizmos, devices, techniques, news, and predictions within the mobile industry. The industry overall considers the Mobile World Congress to be one of the most important global events for the latest in…

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