2012 Mobile World Congress to focus on mobile marketing

2012 Mobile World Congress

2012 Mobile World Congress
The GSMA mobile operators association has just announced that the Mobile World Congress of 2012 will be focusing on mobile marketing for the first time ever in this annual technology event.

The Mobile World Congress is held in February in Barcelona, drawing technology industry leaders and enthusiasts by the tens of thousands to gain insight on the latest in gizmos, devices, techniques, news, and predictions within the mobile industry.

The industry overall considers the Mobile World Congress to be one of the most important global events for the latest in mobile developments. Previous years have also shown it to be critical for the unveiling of brand new technologies such as those from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson, and other industry leaders.

Considering the hype generated for the Mobile World Congress, the fact that mobile marketing is being included on the itinerary is indicative of its growing importance in the present and future of the industry.

The GSMA has said that the mobile marketing program, which is being labeled mPowered Brands, will give professionals the chance to discover more about the many different elements that are possible in mobile marketing, as well as their growing potential, as they are presented by leading experts in the industry. It will show how a brand can be built by way of a mobile platform.

The mPowered Brands program will offer participants everything from workshops and seminars about mobile marketing to service and product demonstrations.

Businesses are adopting mobile marketing strategies into their overall marketing mixes and are spending significantly more on these strategies in recent years. This provides even more evidence of the increasing attraction it has as a marketing tool.

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