Mobile marketing mistakes underscored by report by Forrester

geo location mobile marketing

Although most would agree that smartphones are a vital advertising channel, but the techniques have not yet been mastered. When it comes to mobile marketing, marketing firms have been facing a continuing struggle in being able to define their objectives as well as in being able to manage their performances, says a recent report that was released by In that report, it suggests that CMOs and CIOs must work to change the direction that this channel has taken so far. The data that was released in the report showed…

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Mobile commerce earnings are climbing from optimized websites

online shopping mobile commerce

A new study has shown that the retail revenue increase has been a tremendous 110.2 percent over last year. Leading mobile commerce provider, Branding Brand, has now released its Index for June 2014, and it has included considerable insight regarding the sales and revenues over this channel. The focus was on the increase in the use of m-commerce by consumers and on global trends. The Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index for 2014 showed looked into consumer behaviors when shopping with their smartphones, as well as worldwide trends about the traffic…

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Mobile commerce market to grow in Europe

UK Mobile Commerce

Study details the growth of Europe’s mobile commerce market A new study from Forrester Research, an independent technology and market research company, shows that the European mobile commerce market is growing. Mobile commerce has been gaining more attention in Europe as the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices increases. Much of this attention is beginning generated by the 2012 Olympic Games, which are to be held in the United Kingdom this month. Other mobile commerce initiatives have also successfully captured the interest of consumers who have been looking for new ways…

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