Beijing QR codes offer new Mobike models

Mobike qr codes bicycle

That city and Shanghai have both launched a series of new options for the public sharing bicycles. Mobike has now announced that its Shanghai and Beijing QR codes will let riders enjoy a new series of bike models. These red and silver public sharing bicycles have been simultaneously released. The goal is to encourage a larger part of the Chinese population to use bicycles within large cities. There has been a notable growth in the number of users taking up cycling in large cities in the country. This has allowed…

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Beijing QR codes are appearing everywhere

Beijing qr codes on everything

The city is placing stickers with quick response codes all over the place to keep the city connected. In an attempt to become a smarter city, Beijing QR codes are being placed in virtually everything. The international community understands the purpose of some of these quick response codes, but others are a mystery. While those on bus stops provide handy information about schedule times and delays, others seem quite random. For instance the QR codes placed on lampposts don’t seem to be solving any specific problems. That said, the Beijing…

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QR codes will be the next addition to Beijing taxis

taxi qr codes mobile payments system

In 2015, passengers taking cabs in the capital of China will be able to enjoy a new high tech feature. Taxi riders in Beijing are going to be able to a enjoy a new feature that is compatible with their smartphones in the form of QR codes that are going to be displayed on the ID cards of their drivers. This will give those riders the ability to scan the quick response codes in order to learn more. The information that they will be able to obtain by scanning the…

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