Mobile marketing has great potential to reach Android users


Users of devices based on this operating system are greatly engaged by their smartphones. In line with the data that was just released through the AppOptox platform of Strategy Analytics, which showed that users of Android smartphones are quite engaged with their devices and spend a great deal of time using them, mobile marketing firms are discovering that this time – because there is quite a bit of it – provides them with an increased potential to reach consumers in a meaningful way. The data has suggested that in May…

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Mobile marketing data shows Apple device users have greater loyalty

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

A recent survey has shown that Android device users are less likely to come back. When it comes to mobile marketing, one of the largest issues that is gaining the focus of the industry is in consumer loyalty to the brands that they use, and whether or not there are trends based on the operating systems that are being used by those shoppers. A recent study has shown that there is a difference between the loyalty of Apple and Android users. Companies are striving to achieve brand loyalty, which starts…

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The harm being caused to Android by monetization issues

Mobile marketing strategy

According to a Flurry report, the platform is being killed by low developer revenues. Flurry has released the results of its mobile marketing study, which has shown that Android is suffering from a serious monetization issue, as its developers are being paid only 24 cents for every dollar made by those for iOS. Flurry’s vice president of marketing, Peter Farago, explained that there are three primary reasons that are causing the monetization gap at Android. Android payments are not seamless, as Google Wallet has not spread rapidly enough. The Google…

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