Mobile marketing data shows Apple device users have greater loyalty

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

Apple vs Android mobile marketing loyaltyA recent survey has shown that Android device users are less likely to come back.

When it comes to mobile marketing, one of the largest issues that is gaining the focus of the industry is in consumer loyalty to the brands that they use, and whether or not there are trends based on the operating systems that are being used by those shoppers.

A recent study has shown that there is a difference between the loyalty of Apple and Android users.

Companies are striving to achieve brand loyalty, which starts with their mobile marketing and grows from there in their efforts. They want to be able to gain a customer and make sure that this individual continues to come back for more, whenever there is a need for the products and services being offered by that company. The last thing that a company wants is to lose that customer to the competition.

The mobile marketing study found that when it comes to brand loyalty, Apple tops the list.

The mobile marketing research was conducted by Yankee Group, which has now published the findings of its survey. What it has shown is that the brand loyalty is considerable at Apple, when compared to Android. That said, its victory is not entirely uncontested.

While Samsung, an Android based manufacturer, does have considerable brand loyalty, and it experienced sizeable successes during its last release and is already showing very positive results from its Galaxy S4 release, when compared to the numbers that Apple achieves during its releases, there is still no comparison.

The report from the Yankee Group said that Apple has a form of “black hole” environment, which has been designed to draw in subscribers who then simply remain perpetually and never head elsewhere. On the other hand, it also determined that among Android smartphone users, one in every six device users will head to a device from another manufacturer.

The report suggested that this trend will help to drive the ownership of Apple devices beyond that of Android handsets by the year 2015. It also suggested that it will help to reinforce the dominance of that manufacturer within the industry.

At the same time, there are other mobile marketing studies that have suggested that while this has been the trend, so far, Apple is losing ground and may lose its loyalty status in the years to come.