Tablet commerce provides a better device experience for consumers

Tablet Commerce

The latest J.D. Power and Associates study has shown that the way in which the gadgets were purchased changes things.

J.D. Power and Associates has released their “U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study – Volume 2” in which they have revealed that tablet commerce plays an important role in the way that the consumer will actually enjoy the device itself.

The location in which the gadgets are purchased defines the enjoyment that their owners receive.

This means that whether tablet commerce occurs online or from within the walls of a brick and mortar retail store, the device information, price, brand, and model selection will have a considerable impact on the overall customer satisfaction when all is said and done. This, according to J.D. Power’s recently released data.

Tablet CommerceThe study results revealed a considerable amount of impact regarding tablet commerce satisfaction.

Over one half of the owners of these devices (59 percent) conducted their tablet commerce within a store location. Forty one percent made their purchase over an online channel. Owners of the devices who bought their gadgets online rated their satisfaction level with the purchase experience at 8.5 on a scale of 10 points. That said, among those who bought their devices in a store rated their purchase experience satisfaction at 8.3.


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Among the satisfaction with their devices as a whole, those who conducted tablet commerce in store had an average rating of 7.8 while those who purchased online gave a rating of 7.5 percent. On a 1,000 point scale, the overall satisfaction with these devices is 821. Among those who would rate their purchasing experience as very high – that is, a 9 or a 10 – there was a 114 point higher satisfaction rating than among those who felt that their purchase experience was an 8 or lower.

Before conducting tablet commerce, half of the participants in this research consulted with recommendations from their family, friends, and/or colleagues. Another 49 percent obtained information from the website of the manufacturer. They were also influenced by the reputation of a brand (42 percent) and by past experiences that they’ve had with a specific brand (32 percent).

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