Sony to show off augmented reality device at Tokyo Game Show

augmented reality

augmented reality

Sony expected to unveil augmented reality device

Japanese technology pioneer Sony has been ramping up the hype surrounding its new head-mounted augmented reality system. Sony recently revealed that it was working on such a system, which led to speculation that it would be a new peripheral for the upcoming Playstation 4. The technology company has kept the fine details of its augmented reality system a secret, but may reveal more information at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show, which will be held in November in Japan.

Trailer highlights PROTOTYPE-SR

Earlier this week, Sony released a trailer showcasing its augmented reality system. The trailer introduces consumers to a sleek, head-mounted device equipped with a sophisticated, yet small camera. This camera will be used to capture the world around a user. The real world will be enhanced through digital displays constructed by the augmented reality system. The device is dubbed PROTOTYPE-SR, which is an advanced model of the previous incarnations of the Sony augmented reality device.

Augmented reality continues to gain ground in technology industry

Augmented reality is gaining more momentum in the world of technology. Companies like Sony are working to introduce augmented reality into a new generation of products in the hopes of providing tech-savvy consumers with something revolutionary. Google’s Project Glass is one of the most well known examples of augmented reality head-mounted devices currently being developed, but other companies, such as Oculus Rift and Vuzix, have been working on similar products. Sony’s take of head-mounted augmented reality may serve a particular niche, however, as opposed to taking a shotgun approach at the market.

Augmented reality device may prepare Sony to compete with Microsoft

Sony is well known for its ties to the game industry. The augmented reality device may, indeed, be a product meant to enhance gaming, making games more immersive and interactive. This may put Sony in a position to compete with Microsoft, which has similar plans to introduce augmented reality into the Xbox 720 console, which is expected to be launched at some point in 2013.

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