Sony to show off augmented reality device at Tokyo Game Show

augmented reality

Sony expected to unveil augmented reality device Japanese technology pioneer Sony has been ramping up the hype surrounding its new head-mounted augmented reality system. Sony recently revealed that it was working on such a system, which led to speculation that it would be a new peripheral for the upcoming Playstation 4. The technology company has kept the fine details of its augmented reality system a secret, but may reveal more information at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show, which will be held in November in Japan. Trailer highlights PROTOTYPE-SR Earlier this…

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Augmented reality system detailed in new Apple patent

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Apple wins patent for head-mounted augmented reality system Apple has won a patent form the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the development of a head-mounted augmented reality system. Thus far, Google has been the biggest name in the head-mount augmented reality arena. The company has been flaunting the uses of its ambitious Project Glass system, taking every opportunity to show off its high-tech capabilities. Apple will soon enter into the augmented reality battlefield with its own head-mounted product, which may end up being more sophisticated than its competitor. System…

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BMW to make their augmented reality windshield 3D

Augmented Reality Windshield Example

Earlier this year, automaker BMW unveiled plans to incorporate an augmented reality heads-up-display system in their future vehicles. The initial plans were rudimentary as the company had yet to determine how they would want the system to work. Early concepts of the system would have transformed a windshield of a vehicle into an oversized GPS screen, filled with 2D images that directed drivers to their destinations. BMW, however, was not entirely satisfied with the design and has decided to add more flare. The automaker has announced a new version of…

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Head-mounted augmented reality device aimed at fieldworkers to launch in Japan

NEC Headquarters Tokyo

NEC, a prestigious Japanese technology company, has launched a new headset that seeks to provide a new layer of information to fieldworkers. The device, called TeleScouter, is a lightweight pair of eye glasses that are connected to a compact computer that can fit into a person’s back pocket or worn on their belt. The glasses themselves are equipped with another device that paints the lenses with transparent digital imagery using augmented reality technology. NEC believes that the headset will help fieldworkers be more efficient in their duties as the device…

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