The augmented reality marketplace is suddenly taking off

Augmented Reality apps

At the same time that virtual reality is carving out a space for itself, ABI Research says AR is also heading upward. Though virtual reality technology has been receiving a very large amount of attention from the media over the last short while, the augmented reality sector has also been seeing a tremendous amount of growth and it looks as though this is going to continue into the future. A recent data analysis of the industry has shown that products with AR tech will be making up a larger market…

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Augmented reality devices could save companies millions

augmented reality tech

Augmented reality devices could hold a great deal of economic promise Google Glass is often touted as a potentially powerful social networking and engagement tool due to its use of augmented reality. While such estimations may be accurate, Glass may also be a major boon for businesses. According to market research firm Gartner, Glass, and similar devices, could help businesses save $1 billion a year within the next five years. Augmented reality has a role to play in these savings as the technology unlocks new forms of communication. AR can…

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Augmented reality could break down language barriers

augmented reality glasses patent (note: these are not real ar)

Company aims to make augmented reality more practical Augmented reality is typically seen as an entertainment tool or marketing gimmick. The practical uses of the technology are relatively few and somewhat poorly understood. While augmented reality is not a new technology, its capabilities are still being discovered. As ambitious developers continue to push the boundaries of augmented reality, they are beginning to find very practical uses for the technology that had gone ignored for several years. NTT Docomo, a Japanese telecommunications company, believes that augmented reality could help break down…

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Microsoft patent outlines plans for augmented reality device

Xbox augmented reality

Microsoft could be next in line to develop augmented reality glasses Google is not the only technology company interested in augmented reality. Microsoft has begun examining the viability of augmented reality in the gaming sector. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has published a new patent application from the company concerning the use of a head-mounted device that leverages augmented reality technology. The patent suggests that the device could be used with Microsoft’s gaming consoles, with the most likely candidate being the forthcoming Xbox One. AR continues to gain attention…

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Augmented reality predictions for 2013

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses

Next year is expected to come with a number of exciting new developments in AR technology and use. Though augmented reality may still feel as though it is something that won’t happen until well into the future, it has already arrived in 2012, and by next year, it is expected to make an exciting splash. It is predicted that the technology will become much more mainstream in 2013, for a number of reason. Among the primary reasons that mobile commerce experts feel that augmented reality will be virtually everywhere next…

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