Sony to show off augmented reality device at Tokyo Game Show

augmented reality

Sony expected to unveil augmented reality device Japanese technology pioneer Sony has been ramping up the hype surrounding its new head-mounted augmented reality system. Sony recently revealed that it was working on such a system, which led to speculation that it would be a new peripheral for the upcoming Playstation 4. The technology company has kept the fine details of its augmented reality system a secret, but may reveal more information at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show, which will be held in November in Japan. Trailer highlights PROTOTYPE-SR Earlier this…

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Head-mounted augmented reality system unveiled by Canon

Augmented Reality system

Canon takes their turn at virtual reality system Canon, acclaimed maker of cameras and photography equipment, has begun delving into the world of augmented reality. The Japanese company has announced that it is developing a head-mounted augmented reality platform designed to provide users with more interactive options within their environment. Though Canon is mostly known for its cameras, the company has extensive history in the realm of consumer electronics. The project aims to create a new way for consumers to experience digital content. Interactive technology becoming a popular subject for many…

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