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Virtual Long Numbers (also known as long code) have changed the way that text messaging can be used by mobile marketers for greater potential with some forms of promotions.

A common type of promotion has always been to offer a prize or something else for free that is accessible to the customer by having him or her call in to the company. For example, consider radio shows with contests that engage the audience and have them phone to try to win a prize.

Though this system does work, it is flawed. There are only so many calls that can be taken at once. The rest will receive a busy signal. However, with text messaging, anybody with a text-capable mobile device would be able to take part in the promotion.

This has mobile advertisers pondering the possibilities of the flip side of the coin, which are those associated with SMS enabled virtual long numbers that allow texting to be an extremely simple and affordable process for both the sender and the recipient.

SMS texting, isn’t just a matter of calling in. With it, businesses can promote themselves by offering a free service and having customers sign up for that service to receive regular SMS text updates on their mobile devices.

Consider, for example, an alert that would send a customer the latest traffic conditions in the area, or the local weather forecast. Everyone with a mobile phone would be able to receive these messages and any additional ads that are attached to them. Moreover, with smartphones, the potential of these messages grows as these users have instant access to their browsers and can follow any URL’s provided.

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