Bozell launches new QR code generator equipped with Google Analytics

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator
Online QR code generators are nothing new to the Internet. In the wake of the storm of popularity that accompanied QR’s arrival to the U.S., a number of online generators cropped up, offering services to the tide of people interested in the blocky barcodes. In the early days of QR use, these generators were simple in both form and function.

While many have held on to their simplicity, today’s generators are much more reliable than their predecessors, who would often garner criticism for producing faulty codes. There is always room for improvement, according to Bozell, an integrated marketing agency specializing in branding and advertising.

Bozell has launched a new QR code generator at The website generates codes embedded with either a web address or plain text, like many other generators available, but there is another feature that sets it apart from the pack. When a user generates a code through the website, they have the option of tracking its performance with Google Analytics.


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Tracking a codes performance is an integral part to ensuring the success of its incorporation. Because of the widespread adoption of QR codes, a number of marketing startups have sprung up, each offering a service that allows customers to track the performance of the QR campaigns. Most of these agencies charge a steep fee for this service, but Bozell believes that every aspect of QR codes ought to be free.

Scott Rowe, partner-in-charge of digital marketing for Bozell, says that “our goal was not to create the most widely used code generator. It was to develop a simple tool that our clients could use for their campaigns.”

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