Smartwatch release will let wearers use BBM

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The popular BlackBerry Messenger app will be available through SpeedUp wearable technology

SpeedUp, a mobile technology company from Indonesia, has revealed that their first smartwatch release will allow its users to be able to take advantage of the highly popular BBM app.

This wearable technology has already been shipped to the people who pre-ordered it.

The smartwatch is currently being sold for about US$130 (IDR 1,499,000), and it has been designed using IP57 water resistant technology, a display size of 1.54 inches, 4 GB of storage, a 1 GHz single-core CPU, 512 MB of RAM, and is based on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.

BBM is only one of the popular messaging apps supported by this smartwatch.

The wearable technology device is meant to allow many different third party messaging applications to function on its tiny screen. It will allow wearers to be able to view their incoming messages over BlackBerry Messenger directly on their wrist.

While some believe that this could be quite useful for the millions of Android and iOS device owners who currently use BBM, as it is compatible with those operating systems, surprisingly, it does not appear to be compatible with the current BlackBerry 10 operating system. The hope is that it will be possible for the SpeedUp Android App to be installed onto a BB10 device so that the feature will still be usable for owners of those devices.

This is especially notable as BlackBerry’s handsets are quite popular within that marketplace. Although the company was contacted in order to clarify whether or not BB10 would be supported at some point in the future, a reply had not been received by the time this article was written.

SpeedUp had released a video on YouTube, narrated by “Harry”, in order to demonstrate the features of the smartwatch, but future compatibility with various operating systems was not mentioned there, either. At that price, if the device proves to work effectively, it is possible that it will build quite a following, particularly from local consumers who are looking for wearable technology but who are unable to afford (or are unwilling to pay the price) for the other more expensive models on the market.

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