LG G Watch smartwatch teaser video gives us a first glimpse

LG G Watch

The mobile device manufacturer has released an advance marketing campaign for its wearable technology.

The LG G Watch may not yet have been released, but it already has something new to offer – a teaser video that gives a sneak peak at what the device will be about, and the claim from its marketers, and that is a video that helps to show how it is “ready for anything”.

The new smartwatch teaser video reveals some interesting details about this Android Wear device.

Although the LG G Watch won’t be released until later this year, it is already generating hype as its shows off its Android Wear operating system – which was recently released by Google for wearable technology devices – that will place it in direct competition with the Motorola Moto 360, which also recently released its own teaser video.

This will also make the LG G Watch one of the first major entrants into the smartwatch market.

According to the video, this smartwatch will be released in two different color options: gold and black. They will have rectangular faces and rubber straps. It will have an “always on” screen that doesn’t sleep, and it will be resistant to scratching as well as waterproof.

The primary details about the functionality of this wearable technology go beyond the basics that Android Wear provides. While it will function as an extension of other Android devices – such as smartphones and tablets – and will deliver notifications and other information from those gadgets, it also features other selling points that are already drawing considerable interest from the industry and from consumers.

For instance, it is being marketed as “ready for anything with a single charge.” That said, while this does sound exceptionally impressive, as a teaser video, it doesn’t actually go into a great deal of detail about what, exactly, it can handle on that one charge. Pretty much any device with a rechargeable battery would be able to make that type of a claim. It does, however, suggest that the company might have something impressive up its sleeve to reveal at the actual launch.

It has a lightweight metal body that is waterproof and has considerable device compatibility (considering that Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system, worldwide). The official release date and the price of the LG G Watch have not yet been announced, but it is expected to enter into the smartwatch market during this quarter.

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