BBM Enterprise to offer businesses secure communication

BlackBerry BBM Enterprise

IT departments have pricked their ears at the news that text-based communication will be safer. BBM Enterprise has undergone an important overhaul and is being launched as a secure text communication option for businesses. This plays into the company’s strong reputation for getting security right. The BlackBerry Messenger enterprise-level app has end-to-end encryption over all methods of communication. This means that regardless of whether voice, video or text communication is used, BBM Enterprise will keep it secure. The new application may be the tool businesses have been looking for when…

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Facebook drops BlackBerry BB10 platform support

BlackBerry Passport mobile technology

The Canadian handset manufacturer is watching some of the largest mobile apps step away from it. Regardless of the efforts that BlackBerry has made to try to convince Facebook and WhatsApp to change their minds about discontinuing their native apps that would support the company’s own operating system, BB10, the applications wouldn’t budge. The company has since responded to the decision and has expressed its disappointment in this development. In a recent blog post on the official BlackBerry site, they stated that “We are extremely disappointed in [Facebook’s] decision as…

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Blackberry mobile apps should be required by Congress, says Chen

blackberry android - bold 9900 mobile apps

The company’s CEO has now sent an open letter to the members, calling for “net neutrality”. The CEO of BlackBerry has issued an open letter to the members of United States Congress, claiming that the developers of mobile apps should be required to ensure that their products are compatible with his company’s devices. John Chen is seeking this move in the name of “net neutrality”. Chen has stated that his effort to encourage the creation of mobile apps that are compatible with BlackBerry devices has to do with “net neutrality”,…

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Smartwatch release will let wearers use BBM

smartwatch video

The popular BlackBerry Messenger app will be available through SpeedUp wearable technology SpeedUp, a mobile technology company from Indonesia, has revealed that their first smartwatch release will allow its users to be able to take advantage of the highly popular BBM app. This wearable technology has already been shipped to the people who pre-ordered it. The smartwatch is currently being sold for about US$130 (IDR 1,499,000), and it has been designed using IP57 water resistant technology, a display size of 1.54 inches, 4 GB of storage, a 1 GHz single-core…

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Technology news shows BBM head exec is leaving the company

blackberry messenger bbm mobile payments

This is only one of the latest of the leaders to depart the troubled handset manufacturer. The top exec from BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Andrew Bocking, has now become the latest technology news in a string of the heads of the company to step away from the smartphone manufacturer. That said, the company isn’t expressing very much concern about the departure of Bocking. According to a technology news statement from a spokesperson at the company, Rebecca Freiburger, “I can confirm that Andrew Bocking, EVP, BBM has made the decision to leave…

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