QR codes used in a Scottish tapestry brings together people all over the world

Qr code

Qr code

It was created by Scots outside of Scotland around the globe.

A tapestry that has QR codes embroidered into it has been designed and is going to be created by Scottish people living all over the planet.

These various settled communities will each be responsible for one of its sections.

Each of the tapestry segments will have its own QR codes included within them, and it will be possible for every one of them to be scanned using a smartphone. Once the barcode scan occurs, the device user will be directed to a particular website. The various sites that are linked to these quick response codes will be filled with content that illustrates the history of what has been worked into the related tapestry section, as well as the embroiderers who took part in the projects, and their individual communities.

The Scottish Government and Creative Scotland have funded this unique project.

A minimum of 25 Australian, North American, European, and African communities will be participating and will be paired with communities within Scotland throughout the course of the project. The intention is to bring the panels with the QR codes together as a part of the Homecoming 2014, when the full tapestry will be assembled.


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One of the coordinators of this project, Yvonne Murphy, explained that “We’re especially excited by the educational potential of this project.” She stated that she’s hopeful that schools will use this time to scan the QR codes and use the links to learn more about the Scottish communities around the world and learn more about those who have emigrated and the histories of some of the specific families.

Murphy added that “Our experience of the Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry is that this combination of heritage and creativity is a real winner and sparks enormous enthusiasm among participants.”

This most recent tapestry had its inspiration from the book The Scottish World, written by Billy Kay, who is a supporter of the project. Everyone involved, as well as a growing number of people worldwide, are looking forward to seeing the stunning artwork of the tapestry, as well as to scan the QR codes in order to learn even more about how it came to be.

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