QR codes used in a Scottish tapestry brings together people all over the world

Qr code

It was created by Scots outside of Scotland around the globe. A tapestry that has QR codes embroidered into it has been designed and is going to be created by Scottish people living all over the planet. These various settled communities will each be responsible for one of its sections. Each of the tapestry segments will have its own QR codes included within them, and it will be possible for every one of them to be scanned using a smartphone. Once the barcode scan occurs, the device user will be…

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QR codes becoming more appealing to art lovers and begin to be used for more than just marketing

barcode art

QR codes have been successfully integrating into the world of art for some time now. The codes are becoming very popular with artists looking for an affordable way to promote their work to a massive audience. Indeed, the codes have seen a great deal of success in the worlds of marketing and promotion. Few would think, however, that consumers would begin to grow fond of the blocky, maze-like design of the codes themselves. Now, the codes are becoming much more than a simple advertising tool. They are becoming works of…

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Tony Taj incorporates QR codes into his paintings to engage a wider audience

QR Code Art

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in the world of art. Though most often used in marketing, the codes hold a great appeal to those looking to engage and audience on a more dynamic level. Artists, for instance, are beginning to use the codes to connect with their audience, opening up a new avenue of interaction. The Internet is one of the most valuable tools for artists today as artists can use it as a medium to expose their work to a much broader audience. Tony Taj, an artist and…

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QR code art and it’s many faces

QR Code Art Information

The world of art continues to embrace mobile technology and, more specifically, QR codes. The codes are featured in a growing number of art galleries all over the world along with works from artists. They are most often used to provide information regarding a piece of art and its creator. However, the Artform Gallery in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, is taking a new approach to QR codes. The Artform Gallery is home to several enticing exhibits, each displaying a wide array of art from a number of mediums. QR codes have been…

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