QR codes are gaining strength in numbers

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QR Codes

There has been a growing amount of creativity in how QR codes are being used.

Though it took a while for them to catch on, QR codes are now appearing just about everywhere, from more common product packages to increasingly unique and unusual spots.

From shop windows to print ads, and even gravestones, these barcodes are appearing everywhere we look.

Quick response codes are becoming quite the common sight on flower pots, pizza boxes, an even produce stickers at the supermarket. If you use a smartphone to scan the plant you’re considering, you can find out how best to care for it and if it is well suited to the location where you were hoping to plant it.

By snapping the one on a pizza box, you might be able to find out the latest deals and offers at the shop or take advantage of an online coupon for placing your next order at the same restaurant.

Even cemeteries have headstones with QR codes that allow mourners to learn more about the deceased individual.

Scanning those ones can redirect a smartphone user to a webpage that features stories, quotes, pictures, and other interesting content and information about the loved one who has passed on, and can even provide others with the opportunity to leave a statement of condolence. Though this may sound like some sort of gimmick, it is actually an increasingly popular trend and is being offered by a growing number of memorial companies across the country.

Television commercials are also starting to use the barcodes to help to provide a more interactive and engaging experience for consumers. The Super Bowl featured a few notables that were flashed on the screen, but they didn’t stop there.

Even smaller companies on local stations are now placing QR codes in their advertising and have learned that if it remains featured on the screen throughout the entire ad, there is a much greater likelihood that viewers will have the time to take out their mobile devices and scan it before the time runs out. The more familiar consumers become with these black and white squares, the more creative their users will become.


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