The Pokémon Go app is losing its appeal

pokémon go app
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More than 12 million daily players have already given up on the augmented reality game.

Approximately fifty days have passed since the Pokémon Go app took the world by storm. The need to “catch ‘em all” carried many children through their summer school breaks in several countries.

People are beginning to tire of the augmented reality game app and have started abandoning it.

According to reports from Bloomberg, The number of daily active users of the Pokémon Go app has been experiencing a freefall. A report from Ars Technica has estimated that there are now approximately 12 million fewer active daily users than in July. July saw the peak in popularity for the mobile game.

Other areas in which Pokémon Go is beginning to suffer include engagement, downloads and the amount of time people are spending playing the game every day.

That said, the reduction in interest Pokémon Go app is actually good news.

pokémon go appVictor Anthony, an analyst from Axiom Capital Management, explained that as people reduce their interest in Pokémon Go, it will open up more opportunities for other mobile apps. Among those that could potentially stand to benefit, said Anthony, are Facebook, Tinder and Instagram. They have all been dying to grab hold of more screen time and Pokémon Go has been taking hold of a great deal of those hours.

As this mobile game saw incredible success, virtually every other mobile app struggled to attract the attention of users. When people were using their mobile devices, it was to catch more Pokémon. They simply didn’t have much screen time left for anything else.

Anthony explained that “Given the rapid rise in usage of the Pokémon Go app since the launch in July, investors have been concerned that this new user experience has been detracting from time spent on other mobile focused apps.” He also pointed out that the sliding interest in that augmented reality game could help to ease the worries of investors over the amount of time users were spending playing it.

That said, Anthony also saw another benefit which was the sudden awareness and interest in augmented reality games as a whole.

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