Top mobile commerce brand title goes to Burberry

burberry mobile commerce brand

The Ampersand ecommerce agency rated 158 British retailers and awarded the top spot to the fashion brand.

Burberry has been named the top mobile commerce brand by Ampersand. The ecommerce agency used several criteria and numbers to conduct an assessment of the customer experience. It examined the mobile shopping offerings of 158 retailers in Great Britain.

Among the factors taken into consideration included whether the m-commerce website was optimized.

The retailers were judged on mobile website optimization, page loading speed and several other factors. While Burberry took the top mobile commerce brand spot. Jimmy Choo took second place as a fashion retailer and fourth place overall. That said, just because a retailer was a luxury fashion brand, it didn’t mean they were a shoe in for a good rank.

For example, Prada was assigned the second worst spot out of every retailer experience examined. Similarly, the eighth worst m-commerce experience was handed to Liberty, the London department store.

The top mobile commerce brand needed to go above and beyond website experience for its title.

burberry mobile commerce brandThe multichannel shopping support was also a major contributor into the final assigned ranks. Retailers received a lower grade if they did not provide shoppers with the stock inventory of a product. Thirty three percent lost marks for that. Another 23 percent lost marks for actively hiding the locations of their stores.

Darryl Adie, the managing director at Ampersand, explained that “Retailers need to understand how consumers use mobile as part of the shopping journey and what will influence the user to purchase.” That said, he went on to point out that simply focusing on the revenue brought in by mobile sales is an unfair and short sighted approach to understanding mobile. He said there is a great deal more to mobile when it comes to its influence throughout the complete shopping journey.

According to Adie, it is important for retailers to realize the various roles played by mobile in shopping overall. It was the retailers that understood this in the development of their mobile sites that were awarded with the top mobile commerce brand titles by Ampersand.

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