Pedigree mobile campaign at Walmart uses QR codes to encourage shelter donations

QR Code Campaign

QR Code Campaign
Throughout the month of September, Pedigree dog food has been running its mobile marketing program that uses QR codes printed on the packages of its dog food in order to drive donations and help customers to take advantage of the “Pets Love Walmart” campaign that will continue to run until the end of the month.

For the full month, for each QR code that is scanned from the packages of dog food, Pedigree will donate a bowl of the food to dogs who are living in shelters. These 2D barcodes are located on more than 200,000 packages of the forty pound dog food bags that are sold only in Walmart stores.

Consumers who use the code will automatically gain access to the “Pets Love Walmart” month details using their smartphone or tablet. This information also contains an invitation to a number of different pet education demonstrations. Users may also use the QR code access to view videos that show the practical benefits of a number of Pedigree products.

Director of new media Alexandra Nicholson, from the strategy and communications agency, Cone, said that while this strategy is unique within the retail environment where the majority of donations are connected to the purchase of a product, this initiative also offers a simple way to educate customers about a cause, event, or item.

She said that “People are using QR codes to trigger a donation but also to push people to mobile websites to find out more information.” She explained that it permits people to obtain a small portion of owned content so that a message can be presented to them.

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