New 1st Guard iPhone claims app powered by Pitney Bowes

insurance industry mobile technology

insurance industry mobile technology

1st Guard, an insurance company with a specialty for owner/operator truck and fleet coverage, has announced its latest insurance news as the adoption of Pitney Bowes Software, which is a geo-locational software solution that will allow the company streamline its operations and offer superior claims and customer service.

According to the vendor statement for 1st Guard, these goals will be met through the insurance company’s TRUCKER1 app, which will allow the drivers toobtain access to their coverage data so that when a claim needs to be made, they will be able to do so and get back on the road more quickly.

The Spectrum OnDemand solution from Pitney Bowes Software is powering the carrier’s app, so policy addresses can be validated, and precise calculations can be provided for tax jurisdictions. It also offers customer mapping, all by way of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

TRUCKER1 is now the industry leading iPhone claims app, and its claims element for 1st Guard is using Spectrum. No matter where or when an incident may have occurred, drivers will have access to the parts of the coverage that they need so that they can minimize the delay before they can get driving again.

According to a statement from Pitney Bowes, it now takes an average of 60 seconds for a driver to use his or her iPhone to fill in a claim form. Formerly, the process took almost two days. The Pitney Bowes Software allows TRUCKER1 to verify the incident’s location so that the claims adjuster will have everything that is needed for efficiently settling the claim.

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