Mobile security improvements on their way to Apple following breaches

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CEO Tim Cook has made this announcement but denied that protection was lacking in celebrity selfie theft cases.

While Apple CEO Tim Cook has denied that there has been any problem with the company’s cloud, online, and mobile security, and that this was not what lead to the theft of personal photos from over one hundred female celebrity accounts, he has still vowed to improve the protection that the company provides.

Cook has now provided some details with regards to the new notification system that will go into place very soon.

In less than two weeks, there will be mobile security notifications available to Apple customers to help them to take a more active and informed role in the protection of their data and files. Cook also explained that the company will be working to boost awareness among customers about online and cloud security and about the protection that is provided by their mobile devices.

The main mobile security issue, said Cook, was that the password reset questions of the celebrities were guessed.

cloud computing mobile securityHe explained that the reason that thieves were able to obtain access to the personal – and sometimes nude – celebrity photos, is that they were able to guess the password reset questions accurately, or because they used phishing emails that duped the celebs into revealing their own passwords and IDs at Apple.

This, said Cook, does not suggest that there is inadequate protection for the files saved via Apple mobile devices. However, he does feel that greater education is required among consumers in order to protect themselves against mistakes that could lead to that kind of problem. He also said that the company is responding with ways to help consumers to stay on top of their own protection, by way of email and push notifications that let them know whenever a password has been changed, when iCloud data has been accessed (restored) with a new device, or when a new device accesses the account for the first time.

Additional mobile security steps will also be taken by adding a two-factor authentication process whenever activities are launched that are related to the account, itself.

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