Mobile security improvements on their way to Apple following breaches

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CEO Tim Cook has made this announcement but denied that protection was lacking in celebrity selfie theft cases. While Apple CEO Tim Cook has denied that there has been any problem with the company’s cloud, online, and mobile security, and that this was not what lead to the theft of personal photos from over one hundred female celebrity accounts, he has still vowed to improve the protection that the company provides. Cook has now provided some details with regards to the new notification system that will go into place very…

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Mobile security threats underscored by celebrity photo hacking

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The issue of digital privacy vulnerabilities has been placed back in the spotlight with online and cloud storage. The celebrity photo hacking scandal has brought mobile security and digital privacy issues up into the headlines and into the minds of many people who had placed a great deal more faith in the protection available to them from the storage of their own personal data, files, and photos. Individuals and businesses, alike, are using cloud based storage systems at an increasing rate. They are using this type of storage for all…

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Visa criticizes the lackluster security measures for PayPal’s new mobile payment platform

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After months of trials with NFC-powered mobile payments, PayPal announced earlier this month that it would be abandoning the technology entirely. The company will instead be adopting a mobile payment system of its own, whose security measures are claimed to be unbeatable. PayPal’s claims have run afoul of Visa, however, who has invested a great deal in NFC technology. The global credit company is well-versed in matters of financial security for consumers and has taken issue with PayPal’s insistence that its own protection methods trump those put in place by…

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