Mobile payments through PayPal launched at J.D. Sports

Paypal mobile payments

The service will allow consumers to be able to use their accounts and smartphones for paying.

J.D. Sports, a sports fashion chain in the United Kingdom, has now launched a mobile payments transaction method availability throughout all six of its brands and across 630 different stores in the country.

This service uses the online service, PayPal, according to the latest reports.

This new mobile payments service has made it possible for shoppers to the sports clothing store to be able to bring their purchases to the cash register and pay for them using their smartphones and their PayPal accounts. All it takes is an active account and the appropriate smartphone app. This service is available for all of the different brands that are owned by J.D. Sports

The mobile payments transactions are expanding rapidly throughout the United Kingdom.

Paypal mobile paymentsToday, the service is now available through PayPal at all of the brands from J.D. Sports, which includes Millets, Size, as well as Scotts and Bank. The process has been designed to be quite simple for both store employees and customers to be able to use.

Once a store employee has scanned the products into the cash register when a customer wants to buy them, then the customer has the ability to choose whether or not he or she would like to use PayPal as the mobile payments transaction method. Once the customer has logged into his or her PayPal account, the app from that company creates a unique barcode and transaction number. That code is scanned by the cashier. This scan withdraws the funds from the customer’s PayPal account and adds it to the merchant’s account.

This service has an advantage over many other forms of transaction over smartphones as many consumers already have an account through PayPal. This means that he or she need only add the application to his or her device in order to be able to use that account in a larger number of places than simply transacting online. This represents a considerable opportunity for both PayPal and for J.D. Sports. Only time will tell whether or not this will catch on with their customers.

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