Data shows the success of China’s mobile commerce

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Mobile gains more ground in China

Observer Solutions, a consulting and research firm, has released data concerning the state of mobile commerce in China. The firm notes that 2013 was a very promising year for e-commerce in general, but mobile commerce managed to attract a great deal of attention from consumers and businesses alike. On November 11, one of the most significant shopping days in China, consumers spent a record breaking $5.7 billion through online stores owned by Alibaba, one of the largest retail organizations in the world.

Mobile shopping is breaking records

According to data from Observer Solutions, 25% of all purchases made through Alibaba stores were done from a mobile device. The firm suggests that this marks the beginning of a significant transition in the e-commerce field. As consumers become more integrated with mobile devices, retailers are beginning to feel the need to adapt or be left behind.

Reliable Internet aids the growth of mobile commerce

China Mobile commerceThe firm’s data shows that mobile commerce sales reached $7.1 billion in the third quarter of 2013, a 141% increase over what sales had been during the third quarter of 2012. One of the factors that is powering the growth of mobile commerce is the growing reliability of the mobile Internet. Telecommunications companies throughout China have been working to make the country’s mobile Internet more capable of handling the needs of consumers. The rapid development of China’s 3G network has helped provide consumers with a positive experience when it comes to mobile shopping.

Future of the mobile sector looks bright

Predicting the future of mobile commerce can be a difficult thing to do, but with companies like Alibaba beginning to take the mobile sector more seriously it is likely that new mobile initiatives will be launched over the coming year. As long as consumers continue to show favor for shopping online from their mobile devices, retailers will seek out ways to connect with these consumers in a dynamic fashion.

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