Mobile payments now available at Wendy’s

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This will allow smartphone users to leave their credit cards at home when they purchase their meals.

When you head out for some fast food at Wendy’s the next time, you can use your smartphone and the quick service restaurant’s official app to be able to make mobile payments and complete the transaction at the counter.

The majority of the American locations (approximately 5,800) now have this feature.

The mobile payments method that has been chosen is one that allows American customers at Wendy’s to be able to transfer cash through the use of a six-digit code. This method has been in a testing phase for a year now, and company execs have said that it has encouraged a greater number of visits to the various locations.

As Wendy’s particularly targets younger consumers, mobile devices fits into their tech friendly lifestyles.

wendy's QR codes mobile paymentsCraig Bahner, the chief marketing officer at Wendy’s has explained that they are hoping that this new service will be very attractive to younger customers who are very comfortable and attached to their smartphones. He stated that “If they want to come in and give us business, we want to allow them to pay the way they want to pay.”

The opportunity through the mobile app at Wendy’s isn’t entirely complete, just yet. At the moment, promotional offers and discount codes can’t be used when making an order through the application, and it isn’t possible to make a delivery order, either (for the locations that offer that feature). Though it may one day be available, at the moment, the mobile app can’t be used to order food from home, just yet.

That said, users can find a great deal of information about the restaurant’s foods on the app. It includes the nutritional information about each of the menu’s various items. Many customers will also find the store locator to be a handy feature.

This latest mobile payments move by Wendy’s aligns well with what other major fast food chains are doing across the country, as well. Burger King has just announced the launch of a similar app, while McDonald’s has been looking into this technology for some time and has been testing it in locations in other countries.

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